Skype Her? I Hardly Know Her…

One of my favorite things about learning about communication and social media is the fact that I get to play around on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc for class. (I mean, I do it normally anyway, but now it just makes doing homework that much more enjoyable.) On top of reading and discussion questions and all of that deep intellectual work, this week we were assigned an interview. We got to choose a classmate and interview them via Skype. I love using Skype- I use it often to have some face time with my significant other (he lives about 40minutes away so we don’t always get to see each other).

Last night, after work, I sat down and Skyped with Sarah from class. She lives in California, whereas I live in Connecticut. It was easy to schedule a time to chat thought, even considering the time difference. We talked about how class was going for both of us; Sarah being fresh out of college and still in the learning mindset, versus me who hasn’t taken classes in a good number of years. She has studied communication before, whereas I’m just getting my feet wet in the subject.

Despite all that- it was a great conversation! We talked about favorite movies (she’s a rom-com fan, and I love Disney and musicals), our hobbies (we both like Harry potter, photography, and traveling), academic histories (her big university and my tiny, private college), and so much more! I learned that Sarah is working towards becoming an entertainment reporter, which is pretty awesome! I’m not sure I’m outgoing enough to go into that line of work- though I do love performing. Personally, I want to go into the social media aspect of communications where I can go in and manage a company or organizations social media accounts to help them reach wider audiences and markets.

It was an entertaining conversation and we ended up chatting for well over an hour! I have to say, one of the reasons prefer Skype to just a phone call is because it gives you a much richer experience. Body language can say so much when talking with someone, and when you’re on the telephone, you miss out on that aspect. But with Skype video chatting, it’s the next best thing to being face to face.


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