Music Therapy

(click to play)

As you can see, our assignment this week was to create a video blog about an article we had to look up in an academic scavenger hunt. The article I chose was about music and its uses in the treatment of patients with neurologically based speech disorders. I had a good time putting this video presentation together. I very much enjoy working in Powerpoint (although I didn’t go as special effects heavy as I like to because I didn’t want to distract too much from the speech I included in the video). There is a fair amount of clipart though — afterall, photos are said to express 1000 words!

The only issue I had with making this video was that when I went to load it into my Youtube video account, I kept getting an internet error and so I wasn’t able to post it on Youtube right away.

google error

Does anyone else get frustrated with internet errors like the above? I swear, every time I’m trying to be productive and am “in the groove”, an error message pops up to knock me down a peg. Grrr!


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