How Hairspray Changed My Life

Last week I submitted the final draft of my first graduate school research paper. Ahhh! I am so nervous! I worked incredibly hard on this paper and I hope my hard work shows through. Another aspect that we had to work on for our communications course was a digital presentation about our research paper. Since I was traveling to and from North Carolina all weekend, I decided to utilize Prezi, an online presentation maker site that offers a variety of templates for people to use to make all kinds of presentations. I chose Prezi because I was intrigued by the site and I wanted to learn how to use it, but also because I could download the Prezi desktop software and work on my presentation as we drove. (Note: it is important to mention that I, obviously, was not driving AND working on my laptop at the same time. My fiance was driving while I typed away.)

The link provided here is the final outcome of my foray into the Prezi world: Hairspray as Equipment for Living

I very much enjoyed learning how to use Prezi and will most likely use it again for other presentations. My only gripe was that I could not get the background music file I had originally inserted to play correctly. It kept coming out all choppy, so I had to delete it from my presentation. All in all, I think the presentation is fun and I hope everyone enjoys watching it!


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