And so It Goes…

Well, folks, it is officially the end of my first communications course!

I can hardly believe how quickly it flew by! I have a lot of assignments behind me and am looking forward to the upcoming work for my next class.


I have learned so much information, it is almost overwhelming. All of the various communication traditions and theories that we discussed and applied to our research papers have opened a whole new world to me. However, I know we have only just scratched the surface when it comes to communication itself. Our next course is Organizational Communication where it looks like we are going to delve even further into communication theories and how they apply to organizational structures/systems. It should be interesting stuff. I will be continuing this blog, however, all of my new posts will be under another tab on this blog. Keep an eye out for it!

I spent this past week reviewing and critiquing all of my classmates digital presentations. They all did such an AMAZING job! Some of them decided to try out Prezi, like I did, and some decided to do Powerpoint and Screen-Cast-O-Matic. I really liked how some classmates used color-coded visual aids in their presentations to show parallels between theories and characters. I also really liked how everyone used a formal layout that guided me through each section of the presentation. Some of my favorite presentations were Kate’s presentation about using Stepmom as equipment for living and Sarah’s presentation about Mean Girls being equipment for living. Kate’s presentation was incredibly well organized and visually entertaining. Her thesis and the theories she used to prove her point were exceptional and provided me with a new way to look at the film. The same can be said with Sarah’s presentation. Even though she wasn’t able to input any film clips, I still was able to follow along and understand the flow of her paper and presentation. Her work on group think theory is applicable to so many real-life situations (even for those of us who are no longer in high school) and helped me to look at some of these situations from a different perspective. Everyone’s presentations were amazing, these two just stood out to me because of how much I connected with the ideas presented in the papers.

In reviewing everyone’s digital presentations, we read a few articles about providing and accepting constructive criticism. Here is my Prezi presentation about what I read in one of those articles:

Constructive Critcisim Presentation


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