List of Course work

2013 – 2014 Fall Term

COMM-601 Communication Fluency  – Dr. Pupcheck

COMM-610 The Social Creation of Organizing – Dr. Weller

2013 – 2014 Spring Term

COMM-613 Constructing Messages & Audiences – Dr. McArthur

COMM-616 Communicating Mindfully – Dr. Pupcheck

2013 – 2014 Summer Term

COMM-655 Mediated Self & Changing Relationship – Dr. White

COMM-658 Creativity and Networks – Dr. Kalogeras

2014-2015 Fall Term

COMM-638 Strategic Comm for Global Audiences – Dr. El-Nawawy

COMM-624 Comm & Culture in a Network Society – Dr. Nathaniel

2014-2015 Spring Term

COMM-664 Organizational Identity & Brand – Dr. Weller

COMM-629 Leadership, Empowrmt & Mgt of M – Dr. White

2015-2015 Summer Term

COMM-680 Expanding Communication Boundaries – Dr. McArthur

COMM-681 Launching Passion into Practice – Dr. Bochantin


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