Learning to Tweet… No, Really

The coursework provided throughout the past few years has constantly pushed and challenged me. It has helped me learn to be a better academic, a better working professional, and a better communicator in general. Mostly, the knowledge I gained helped me to change some of my perceptions on how the digital world interacts and meshes with the “unplugged” world. While I am rather proficient in some of these digital and media platforms, there are some that I was not as familiar with. Twitter is one of those platforms where I understood the basic concept of tweeting, (it’s like posting a Facebook status but with fewer words) but did not fully understand the breadth of what one could do on the platform (i.e., hash tags, statistics, shares, favorites).



However, I also learned that there are so many more uses for digital platforms than simply sharing status updates. Digital platforms like chat rooms and forums can offer individuals a way to connect with others for a variety of reasons: friendship, romance, shared interests, learning, and safety. For some individuals, especially those with social anxiety, the online world allows them ways in which to connect with others that they may not be able to do in real life.

Here is a link to my project about the Benefits of Computer Mediated Communication for individuals suffering from Social Anxiety.

Another area that I was unfamiliar with was the creation of Podcasts. I have friends who listen to and make their own podcasts, but I had never seen the need to listen to one or make one of my own. While my first attempt at a podcast was not as spectacular as some of my class mates, it did allow me the opportunity to become more familiar with the technology and the process of making a podcast.

Listen to it here: What It Means to Be a Girl Scout


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