Writing Literacy

Being a music and theatre major for my under graduate degree meant that I didn’t do a ton of writing. Sure, there were the few research papers here and there for music history and some of my general education classes, but nothing to the extent of what I had to do over the past two years. When I first started, my writing style was very creative and lacking in academic tone. However, as classes progressed, I was able to develop my academic voice, while maintaining my personal voice as well.



One of my favorite assignments was a book report, as odd as that may sound. During Comm613 with Dr. White, we were tasked with reading a text on a variety of topics and then we had to craft a book review (similar to what one can find online or in magazines from professional reviewers). This allowed me to find a different voice, one that was academic but personable. This taught me that there are ways to craft one’s writing to accomplish various things: connect with specific audiences, communicate specific messages, and even  help with crisis management.

Check out my review of Stephen Denning’s Squirrel, Inc.


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