Got Ethics?

Ethics, or moral beliefs, are different for everyone and have a variety of contributing factors.

Life experiences, cultural and religious beliefs, similar ideals- all of these things can influence an individual’s ethical code, or perceived “good”.



Communication presents a unique perspective on ethics. Individuals must learn to enter into discourse regarding ethical situations, but they also need to be able to successfully and effectively communicate their own ethical standards and beliefs, as well as communicate ethically (i.e., without falsifying information, etc.).

In Comm616, with Dr. Pupchek, I got to examine the film, Footloose, and the ethical situations presented when a stranger enters into a community that is vastly different than the one from which he came from. This project helped to take a look at how individuals with different ethical beliefs and standards could learn to co-exist successfully in a shared community. Footloose and Culture Shock.

Additionally, we also got to look closer at our own individual ethical beliefs (or “goods”) and how we came to believe in them.

Check out my personal post about how my family shaped who I am today.


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