Research Literacy

Research is an important part of earning your Master’s degree. Throughout the courses, I have done a variety of research projects and they have taught me how to articulate a communication problem or strategy; articulate a standpoint; search, locate, and choose credible and valid sources to use in my research; and craft a literature review based on prior research and work that supports or justifies my standpoint.

For my Capstone project, as mentioned in my Comprehensive Communication Project post, I researched transformational and pseudo transformational leadership studies, Kenneth Burke’s equipment for living theory and other studies that have utilized the same theory, as well as studies that previously examined specific literary characters as leadership figures, most specifically in regards to Harry Potter.

The Internet allows individuals access to a breadth of information; People have the ability to share and disseminate information more frequently and on a wider scale than ever before. The difficulty lies in separating academic from non-academic work. Professionals can post blogs and papers (such as this one) that share worthwhile information, but do they count as academic sources? Knowing where to pull information from is only half of the battle, knowing what information can be used (as well as how to cite it) is the other half.





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