A Communication Journey

Queens University Charlotte, NC
Masters of Communication – Graduation Date 8/15
Skype – live:biggergirlsrun2
Twitter – @KristersC
WordPress -kcommblog.wordress.com/
LinkedIN: Kristin Ceneviva
Facebook – Kristin Ceneviva

My name is Kristin Ceneviva and this is my Digital Portfolio!

I have been pursuing my Master’s degree in Communication through Queens University of Charlotte for the past two years and I am finally in the home stretch! I live in Connecticut and work, full-time, for Girl Scouts of CT as Membership and Marketing Manager. I decided to pursue my Master’s degree when one of my co-workers announced that she was going back to school as well. I realized that I wanted to learn again and push myself to be better. At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get an advanced degree in, but it dawned on me one day, after a social media training, that I enjoyed the various aspects of the Communications field. I did some research and found Queens University of Charlotte and they provided me the opportunity to work on my degree from afar.


Starting my Masters was tougher than I anticipated. Having previously received my Bachelor’s in Music and Theatre from Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC, entering the world of communication and advanced academic studies was a whirlwind! I quickly learned how to better implement academic writing (you don’t write a horrible amount of academic papers as a music major!). I need to extend a HUGE thank you to all of my Professors and classmates for taking me and molding me into a more sharpened academic student. Without them, I would be no where near the finish line of receiving my degree!

The most important thing that I learned from my academic trials is that time management is a valid and necessary life skill. Juggling a full-time and demanding job, as well as planning a wedding, and performing in stage shows meant I had to learn (quickly) how to balance all of my responsibilities and deadlines. Throughout my Digital Portfolio, you will get to experience some of the course work and projects that helped to enhance my skills in specific areas: Theoretical Literacy, Research Literacy, Digital and Media Literacy, Writing Literacy, Ethical Consideration, Global Awareness, and my Comprehensive Communication Project.

Last, but certainly not least, I need to send a special Thank You out to my family, friends, and fiance for supporting me through this entire process. It has been a roller-coaster of a ride, and their constant support and praise kept me from waving the white flag!


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